Windows ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) to a Cisco switch via an unmanaged switch? : networking

So I have a network engineer configuring some Cisco devices to replace EOL equipment on a customer’s lab network. The temporary configuration setup seen here was per the engineer’s request, allowing him to access all 4 devices via a remote connection to a workstation. We have 2 workstations with separate paths back to the internet to keep our options open, as I am no longer on-site and we’re trying to do all this initial configuration remote until the cutover…

Well the engineer discovered the Core switch needed the Advantage license… so that was purchased, token generated, etc… Come to find out, the core switch still needs internet access to take advantage of that license. I’m trying to use one of the config workstations to facilitate internet sharing to the unmanaged switch to make this work.

“Config 1” is the machine the engineer is working on almost exclusively. The windows image has group policies though making configuration of internet sharing not working out as intended.

“Config 2” has internet via a hard line connection to the customer’s existing lab network. It has an internal IP on a VLAN that has internet access. I’ve tried sharing the connection via the 2nd interface but I’m not having any luck.

Does anyone have any experience with Windows Internet Connection Sharing?

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