vpn – MPLS provider A L3VPN to MPLS provider B migration

i have a Datacenter infraestructure with a mpls of SP A, and i would like to migrate to another wan line of a different SP B. Mpls current circuit is providing L3 VPN service, one VPN per remote site. I seen this forum all reference, similar to my case:

Alternatives to multiple Service Providers

I am planning to use DC to interconnect both SP MPLS backbones, SP A and SP B MPLS clouds, and then migrate sites from A to B. I need to be able to rearch every remote site VPN from both SP A and SP B MPLS backbones, during the migration process, cause every customer can have several sites, some ones connected to A some ones to B

    DataCenter site         |
         BGP AS  1          |
   |               |
-------         -------
CE-SP-A         CE-SP-B
-------         -------
   | MPLS-SP A     |MPLS-SP B
   | MP-BGP        |MP-BGP
-------         ---------
PE SP A          PE SP B
 AS 2              AS 3
-------         ---------
   |               |
   | MPLS          | MPLS
---------       ----------           
 PE SP A          PE SP B
---------       ----------
   |  MPLS A        | MPLS B
CUST 1            CUST 1
SITE 1            SITE 2
 VPN 1             VPN 1

Datacenter has VRF associated to each VPN learned instances…i am flapping thinking about how to go to same l3vpn VPN1 from DataCenter throught both SPs, is it enough to configure and IBGP session between “CE-SP-A” and “CE-SP-B” and import/export between VPNs of both clouds?

Please, some light about how to deal with these scenarios will be greatly appreciated



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