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Needing a bit of advice on my current network setup. I have a broadband connection from my ISP connected to a Ruckus H510 which has a static IPV4 and a static IPV6.

I don’t have access to the ruckus admin page as it’s controlled by the ISP (fixed setup in my building) but I’m trying to setup a Nokia HA-140W-B router (supplied by ISP) to manage my own Wifi and port forwarding rules rather than rely on the ruckus box.

I currently have the ruckus connected to the wall socket from the ISP and then have the Nokia router connected to one of the LAN ports on the ruckus.

Port forwarding rules are in place and ports are open on the local host but for some reason it still won’t display the local server when visiting the static IPV4 supplied by the ISP.

I noticed when the Router is connected to LAN1 on the ruckus it receives a static IPV6, but when on any other port it fails.

Any ideas if my setup is flawed or maybe I misunderstood something?

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