Strange SFP behavior. Can someone explain? : networking

In this age of remote work, I had one of my onsite techs install a new server and get it to a state so I can finish the config remotely. It has a Chelsio 25G card and he was having some strange issues connecting it to the Juniper 10G switch. He tried some different SFPs and when he landed on one that worked, he left it at that. After a couple of hours the system dropped off the LAN and the switch showed no link. The remote guy confirmed the system was still online but the SFP was extremely hot. He shot me over the model number of the SFP, which turns out to be an 8Gb Fibre Channel SFP!

Can someone tell me how or why a Fibre Channel SFP would work in an Ethernet card and link to a 10Gb switch? The SFP’s spec sheet doesn’t make any mention of Ethernet, only different Fibre Channel standards supported. I’m confused.

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