I need PBR, but don’t have it. What else can I hack together to get this to work? : networking

I need to be able to change routes based on a source IP. I was planning on using PBR, but my HP5400ZL switch has a few V1 modules in it, so PBR doesn’t function. We have our hosts trying to access a remote server. They have two paths to that server. Currently we have a static route to point everything on the green path. We want everything to take the dotted orange path because it’s a fast pipe, but not all of our source IPs are allowed on that route. The green path allows any source IP, but it’s a slow link.

PBR would have easily fixed this, but I don’t have that in my toolbelt. I currently have these old 5400ZL switches and that firewall is a PA850. Are there any easy fixes I’m overlooking?

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