ethernet – Merging 2 local networks?

First I wanted to say I’m very, very bad at networking and stuff.

I have the 1st network and to make it easier, it’s called “DabloPC” and goes from a modem.

The 2nd network – “DabloPC_EXT” goes from access point (which I guess gathers signal from “DabloPC” network and I’m connected to this access point via ethernet cable).

The 3rd network – “Dablo” goes from a router.

My problem is that when I’m connected to the DabloPC_EXT network (access point), I can’t see any devices from “Dablo” Network.
So I want to “merge” DabloPC_EXT and Dablo network so I can see every device in these networks no matter which network my PC is connected to.

If anyone is curious why I want to do this or maybe it even helps, so here you go:
I want to sync Philips Hue led strip with my PC (connected to DabloPC_EXT). Hue bridge is connected to Dablo.
The biggest problem is that I can’t connect my PC to the same network as Hue bridge because I don’t have a socket to connect the cable and I also don’t have Wi-Fi card.

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