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Hi guys,

Reddit is my starting point for my Australia <-> US L2/L3 due diligence so please excuse my ignorance on this topic. I think this is more of a product sales question more than anything else, but do providers like Cogent, HE, etc provide L2/L3 solutions where you can specify the submarine cables to use for your Continent <-> Continent solution? For example, if I wanted a solution that specifically used the Telstra Endeavour submarine cable (Australia <-> Hawaii) and then the SEA-US submarine cable (Hawaii <-> US) is this something providers offer? If they do offer this what is it called (L2, L3, L2VPN, L3VPN, MPLS, IPVPN)? Ideally they would be able to hand this solution off to me as L2 in Australia and US (West) if it exists. Obviously, I will have colocation and a Router in Australia and US (West) Data Centres as a minimum. I assume Cogent, HE, etc all have capacity on these cables so my guess is they might be able to provide a solution like this?

The reason I want to cherry pick the subsea cables is to guarantee I am using the lowest latency option from Australia <-> US (West). I plan on using to get the shortest cable lengths from Australia <-> US (West) and using them. *I am by no means suggesting Telstra Endeavour & SEA-US are the lowest latency cables AU <-> US it was just a random example*

TLDR; Do providers (Cogent, HE, etc) provide Continent <-> Continent solutions where you can specify the subsea cable used?

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